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Message from the Founder

Mega Africa Holdings was founded out of a dream of an individual to take South African professionals marginalised and disadvantaged by the pre-1994 dispensation, to new heights in industry largely dominated by white people.


We also honour and cherish the strategic partnerships with major industry players we have made over the few years we have existed, both locally and international in as far as India, South Korea, China, the North America, and Europe.  We have sometimes worked at risk developing these relationships, and we believe that the experience gained will be put to good use in the immediate future.  No experience is bad experience.

We move forward into major projects trusting also that our vision to put the future of developing the African continent be entrusted with the African people will be supported generously by the powers that be in governments, development funding institutions and business decision makers.  This way we hope to ensure growth of the African continent through harnessing African talent.

We look forward to being of value to industries we have chosen to serve and trust that we will serve with honour, loyalty, honesty, and diligence.
Best wishes,
Mal Signature
Malose Ledwaba

The path to our destiny has not been and it is still not easy due to barriers put by many years of marginalisation.  The Mega team is however more ever before, more committed to realise that dream and has made considerable progress in positioning the company for success in a number of sectors including power and energy, engineering and construction, manufactured equipment supplies, and supply chain management.

We have learnt from our past that a dream will remain a dream unless there is special team of people to make the dream a reality.  We have for this reason associated the business with really special people who have played a major role in bringing the company to where it is, attributable to their commitment to the goals of the company, their diligence and unselfish hard work, personal financial contributions, and most of all individual talents when combined have produced results much greater than any individual has produced.  For this reason we have learnt to value and cherish our people as they have proved to be the greatest asset the company can ever have.


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